List of Projects
Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)
Research University Grant Scheme (RUGS)
  Rational Design of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids for DNA Molecular Solvation
  Development of Biocatalyst derived from cytocrome P450 for Hydroxylation of fatty acid
Exploratory Research Grant Scheme (ERGS)
  Novel Peptide Inhibitor for Suppression of Rheumatoid Arthritis
  Miniature haloalkane dehalogenasee for cleaving carbonhalogen bond
  Discovering lipase inhibitor compounds from Malaysian plants for obesity treatment
Fundamental Research University Grant Scheme (FRGS)
  Structural Investigation of the Terminal Residues in Thermostable L2 Lipase
  Rational Design of Peptide Chiral Catalyst Based On Aldo- Ketoreductase for Asymmetric Aldol Reaction
  Design of fullerene-based colloidal system for nanocosmecutical applications
  Elucidation of Thermoalkalophilic Enzyme Unfolding MechanismUsing Pressure-induced Computational Simulation Techniques.
  An in silico approach towards unraveling the structure, function and molecular mechanism of Bleg1_2437 hypothetical protein and the role of its Zn2+ metal ions
Sultan Mizan Antarctica Research Foundation
  Design and Synthesis of a-Helix Antifreeze Peptides from Antarctic Inhabitants (Glaciozyma antarctica Yeast and Shorthorn Sculpin Fish)
Research Acculturation Collaborative Effort (RACE)
  Biocompatible Calcined Layered Double Hydroxides As Support For Efficient Immobilization Of Biocatalysts
  Structural characterization and mechanism of enhanced antimicrobial potential of mechanochemically synthesized Ag-doped Titania nanoparticles
  Structural Studies on Adaptation of Extremophilic aminoacylase from Shuttle Expression system
National Nanotechnology Directorate (NND)
  Development and theoretical elucidation of nanodelivery systems for antineurodegenerative drugs
Ministry of Science & Technology (MOSTI) Sciencefund
  Unravelling Structure of Riboflavin Synthase in Designing of Potential Anti-Bacterial Drug
  Detergent for Machine-Wash (DMW) Containing Locally Produced Thermostable Enzymes
  Design and Synthesis of Novel Peptide-based Biocatalyst for Enantiomer Separation of (R,S)-Ibuprofen Drug
  Dissecting The Role And Function Of A Putative Multifuntional Protein
  Use of Enzyme Mimics In the Development of Nanowire Based Biosensor
  Perflourocarbon-based colloidal oxygen carrier for cosmeceutical applications
Science Fund Special Allocation
  Peptides Design and Synthesis Based on Enzyme Mimic for Industrial Needs
  Postgenomic Discovery of Small Hypothetical Proteins from Bacillus lehensis G1 Alkaliphile
Genetics and Molecular Biology Iniatives, BIOTEK
  Metallomics Analysis of Glaciozyma antarcticum
  Designer Biocatalyts for Sustainable Processes in the Conversion of Renewable Raw Materials to Platform Chemicals
International Collaborative Research, Institute of Protein Research, Osaka University
  The effect of microgravity on structure conformation of industrially important proteins.
Geran Universiti Putra Malaysia 2013
Geran Individu Berprestasi Tinggi
  Mixed Hydrolases for Efficient and Greener Detergent Machine-wash Formulation
Geran Individu Utama
  Dynamic Light Scattering Study of Mercury-Dysfunctioned Acetylcholinesterase from Silver Catfish (Pangasius sp)
Grant Putra Berkumpulan
  Development of an Optical Fiber based Biosensor Network for Remote Multipoint Continuous Detection of River Pollutants