Microbial Technology

Microbial Technology research team has embarked on its scientific journey since 1986 to specialize in enzyme technology, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and protein engineering. The team has come up with various projects ultimately in screening and isolating microorganisms for industrially-important enzymes. As such, the team embarks on cloning and heterologous production, purification and characterization of the relevant enzymes. Patents related on the development of yeast expression system for lipase production and two-step purification methods for efficient separation of T1 lipase have been filed.

In addition, we also modify enzymes to enhance their productivity, stability and substrate specificity. Topping the list of studied enzymes are thermostable T1 lipase, maltogenic amylase, DNA polymerase, protease, aminoacylase, GDSL esterase, asparaginase, glycogen-branching enzyme, alcohol dehydrogenase, elastase, cytochrome P450 originating from locally isolated bacteria such as Geobacillus zalihae, Photobacterium johomaris and Bacillus lehensis G1.

In addition to the above, our team has embarked on formulating media using cheap local sources for scale-up production of industrial enzymes such as T1 lipase as well as formulating a combination of enzymes such as protease, lipase and amylase to be used in the detergent industry. Patent of the formulation of dish-washing detergent containing T1 lipase has recently been filed.
Apart from obtaining industrial enzymes from bacterial strains, we are also interested in obtaining beneficial strains for industrial applications. For example, at present we are actively isolating and identifying metal-tolerant bacteria from former tin-mines in an attempt to use those strains for biomining of metals.